p. Charbel

The brother of common life Charbel ordained a priest on Saturday, July 3, at the Madonna del Sasso.

We are happy that a brother of the Community is ordained a priest in the Shrine that we now consider “ours”. We join him in prayer for this great gift that the whole community receives.

The next day, Sunday, July 4, always at the Shrine of the Madonna del Sasso, he celebrated the first solemn Holy Mass.

Thanksgiving from Fr. Charbel

4 July first Holy Mass celebrated by Fr. Charbel

Thank you brothers and sisters in the Community, and all those who receive our Newsletter, for praying for me during the preparations for my priestly ordination. It was good to stay for a while at the hermitage of the Holy Trinity at La Fornace to devote myself more to prayer and recollection before the big day. Fr Benedetto made himself available to accompany me in this mini-retreat. The text we meditated on was one of Fr Barsotti’s books on priesthood. It was beautiful.

4 July first Holy Mass celebrated by Fr. Charbel

I must confess that I have not got over the emotion, the amazement caused by the great joy of priesthood, even though four days have passed. In any case, as many have said, it takes a lifetime to perceive and contemplate the mystery of having been chosen to serve the Lord in the Church as a monk and priest.

Not being able to answer the various messages by telephone or e-mail, and being on the eve of my departure for Benin together with Fr Benedetto and Sr Marie Madeleine, I would like to say a profound thank you for your affection, for your gifts and offerings, for your presence but above all for your prayers.

I implore on all of you the graces and blessings of the Lord.

I hope to see you again sooner or later when I return from Benin…

4 July first Holy Mass celebrated by Fr. Charbel

Photo of Saturday, July 3, 2021 Priestly Ordination Fr. Charbel

3 luglio 2021 video dell’ Ordinazione Sacerdotale di fr. Charbel