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On Saturday 25 September at 4 p.m., in the Florentine basilica of SS. Annunziata, the entire Community, in deep communion with the Florentine Church, will experience the grace of the opening of the Cause for the beatification of our Father and Founder. An intensely awaited moment for years, it has seen us engaged in constant and confident daily prayer. The celebration of this important public ecclesiastical event, which therefore involves the participation of the faithful, will include the singing of Vespers in the memory of St Sergius of Radonež, presided over by the Archbishop of Florence, Cardinal Betori, the first Session of the Inquest aimed at the oaths of all the Officials of the cause who undertake to faithfully fulfil their office and to maintain the secrecy of office.

The members of the Historical Commission, appointed by the Archbishop, who will have the task of studying all the as yet unpublished writings of our Father, as well as each and every historical document relating in any way to his history, will also be involved in this solemn and hope-filled moment. From that moment we will be able to call our Father “Servant of God”. and to invoke his intercession there will be a single prayer formula, proposed by the Postulation and approved by the Archbishop.

This prayer will be distributed to everyone, and it will be our task to spread it as widely as possible outside our religious Family. If we have prayed so much during these years of preparation of the Cause, we shall pray even more during the proceedings, which will see many witnesses giving their sworn testimony before the Tribunal and, at the same time, the members of the Historical Commission digging deeply into the material collected and kept in the Archives at Settignano.

We already feel that we are accompanied by Fr Divo himself and by the many brothers and sisters of the Community, who have already completed their earthly journey and can only support us with their closeness in prayer and in the religious commitment that is asked of us all by such a great grace.


Ordination to the priesthood

p. Charbel

The brother of common life Charbel ordained a priest on Saturday, July 3, at the Madonna del Sasso.

We are happy that a brother of the Community is ordained a priest in the Shrine that we now consider “ours”. We join him in prayer for this great gift that the whole community receives.

The next day, Sunday, July 4, always at the Shrine of the Madonna del Sasso, he celebrated the first solemn Holy Mass.

Thanksgiving from Fr. Charbel

4 July first Holy Mass celebrated by Fr. Charbel

Thank you brothers and sisters in the Community, and all those who receive our Newsletter, for praying for me during the preparations for my priestly ordination. It was good to stay for a while at the hermitage of the Holy Trinity at La Fornace to devote myself more to prayer and recollection before the big day. Fr Benedetto made himself available to accompany me in this mini-retreat. The text we meditated on was one of Fr Barsotti’s books on priesthood. It was beautiful.

4 July first Holy Mass celebrated by Fr. Charbel

I must confess that I have not got over the emotion, the amazement caused by the great joy of priesthood, even though four days have passed. In any case, as many have said, it takes a lifetime to perceive and contemplate the mystery of having been chosen to serve the Lord in the Church as a monk and priest.

Not being able to answer the various messages by telephone or e-mail, and being on the eve of my departure for Benin together with Fr Benedetto and Sr Marie Madeleine, I would like to say a profound thank you for your affection, for your gifts and offerings, for your presence but above all for your prayers.

I implore on all of you the graces and blessings of the Lord.

I hope to see you again sooner or later when I return from Benin…

4 July first Holy Mass celebrated by Fr. Charbel

Photo of Saturday, July 3, 2021 Priestly Ordination Fr. Charbel

3 luglio 2021 video dell’ Ordinazione Sacerdotale di fr. Charbel

Who is don Divo Barsotti? [Sub Eng]

Video of 2013. In 10 minutes an effective presentation by Don Divo Barsotti, the man, the priest, the mystic and his most precious legacy: the Community of the Sons of God.

We ought to love one another seriously

It is the Lord’s will that our response to His love should not bring us away from our brothers and sisters; on the contrary, it should bring us closer to one another. Faith in the love of God vanishes when charity vanishes. 

We should love one another seriously, with a love that is supernatural; we should love one another generously and faithfully, with a love that is not just words and feelings, but one that involves a real commitment to be patient and understanding with one another, a commitment to esteem and to help one another.

Circular Letter Believing in our Vocation, Lenten Ember Days 1963

God does not save us as individuals

If a religious community is elitist, then it is anti-Christian. If the Community were to become a club and we looked at one another with approval, keeping those who are not part of the Community at a distance, then we would not be living a Christian life. We may be living a spiritual life (spiritual in the human sense of the word, not in the divine sense of the Spirit), it could be a very noble one, but it wouldn’t be a Christian one… 

God does not sanctify, He does not save us as individuals; rather, He will sanctify and save us insofar as we are united in a community, because He loved and still loves a people, and this people is the Church. It is God’s Church that knows and serves Him. Therefore, we may know and serve Him only to the extent that we are part of the Church, only to the extent that we somehow identify with her…

Retreat at Casa S.Sergio, January 17th, 1965

The sense of sin

If you were not aware of your own sins, Jesus would be foreign to you; you would feel self-sufficient.

Insofar as you feel poor, you are rich. Insofar as you feel unworthy, the Lord becomes the One who makes up for what you lack.

Spiritual Exercises, Arliano 15th of June 1980

Infinite Love

It is a wonderful thing that I should remember on this day, the day of my birth, the Infinite Love of God, by which God willed from all eternity that I should come into existence; and by this Infinite Love, God wills that I should live for all eternity; my life may thereby rest on this certainty, and, in this certainty, find peace.

At the conclusion of a Retreat held in Florence on April 25th, 1977

The Sacramental Economy

The religious dispensation in which man lives is still a sacramental economy; if we take away the sign, then we will not be able to penetrate the Mystery of God and our minds will not be able to grasp it. Let us not forget that God, in His inner life, remains a pure mystery. We see God, we know Him and love Him through the sign, the sign through which He reveals Himself to us…

Spiritual Exercises, Ronco di Ghiffa, August, 1958

How one should celebrate Christmas

We should celebrate Christmas as a renewal not of the Birth of Jesus, but of our birth in Christ. 

May Christ be truly born in us; and as Christ comes to live in us, may He take our human nature and live His very life through it.

Retreat in Florence, 18th of December 1994

Mutual Forgiveness

Remember that fraternal love is one that is given in unceasing forgiveness, because we always need to forgive others as we always need to be forgiven; it is in mutual forgiveness that love truly becomes incarnate, just as the love of Christ became incarnate in His forgiveness of us.

Homily of May 13th, 1988, delivered in Syracuse, Sicily